Ford puma 1.7 for sale

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Ford puma 1.7 for sale

Post by Scotty7b » Fri May 24, 2019 10:02 pm

Hi all
I have got a 1.7l 2001 puma for sale, 104000 on the clock, it’s the moonstone grey/blue colour, everything is standard on it to my knowledge
My auntie bought it brand new the. Sold it to my uncle(her brother) now I own it. My uncle was going to scrap it 2 years ago and at the time I needed a car desperately so I bought the puma.
What a great car engine is fantastic, alloys are in good nick to as well as interior.
The body is rusted on arches and I believe underneath isn’t much good either. Now I wouldn’t want to sell this as a runner due to the rot and the fact 2 lights are on the dashboard but if someone wants a donor car this is a good one to use for the interior/ alloys/ engine whatever now I only want scrap value of £150can someone rescue it as I’m going to start ringing scrap dealers Monday. I’m in Birmingham by the way.
Regards Scott
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