Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

Post by red » Wed Oct 03, 2007 5:15 pm

Welcome to ProjectPuma

We're happy to have you here. Below are the Board Guidelines that apply to ALL of the forums at ProjectPuma. Bear in mind that some forums have additional guidelines posted within them. If you have any questions or need any help, just E-Mail or PM any one of the admins or mods individually.

These guidelines are pretty simple, therefore those posts that do not comply with the guidelines will be edited or deleted. Oh, and "I never bothered to read the guidelines" is not a valid excuse!

This forum is to be regarded as an "open content" site in law.

ProjectPuma is proud to be a "hands off" forum in moderating terms, thinking that members are mostly adults and can self moderate their own posts. But where this self moderating is lacking in opinion of the moderating team, steps will be taken.

The rules apply to posts in the forum as well as the chat room.

1. Guidelines:

1.1. Language: Please keep it at a safe level and appropriate in context. If you have to wonder about a word, chances are it's probably not appropriate. Remember, the Thesaurus is your friend and it will help you look a little smarter to boot. Excessive swearing in threads other that "ProjectPuma Therapy" is unacceptable and may result in censorship or further action as deemed necessary by the moderation team.

1.2. Offensive posts: Posting of offensive material or that of an adult nature is prohibited. This is a forum used by members from every area of society and the forum should not be used to violate anybody's personal liberties, including but not limited to, race, colour or creed.

1.3. Spamming: The posting of ads for the solicitation of sales (except in the Classifieds forum) is not appropriate along with spamming the forums with posts of self-promotion. Please don't spam the different folders with repetitive threads on the same subject.

1.4. Trolling/Flaming/Bashing/Baiting: We respect the right of everyone to express their opinions without fear of being attacked or personally insulted. Feel free to debate strongly and offer firm opinions. However, if you feel the need to indulge in mean-spirited and personally directed insults, attacks, and quarrels do so off the forum. Baiting or inflammatory posts designed to attract or elicit predictable responses are not appropriate and persistence in this activity can result in moderation, suspension or banning.

1.5. Screen Names: Members should have one screen name. Sometimes obtaining a second screen name is simply accidental due to problems with signing up and sometimes it's a deliberate effort to facilitate trolling. Either way, it wastes space. So from time to time, we will run checks to find the duplicate accounts and delete the duplicates. We will do our best to contact you to let you determine which of your screen names you would prefer to keep. If members are found to be going by an alias to purposefully deceive people to think they are not who they really are, action may be taken as this is not appropriate to the smooth running openness of the site.

1.6. Double Posting: Double posting is defined as posting a message in a thread twice (or more) in a row, or posting the same message in more than one section. Please use the EDIT button and edit your original post if you need to add something, or request a post deletion from admin or moderators if you can't do it yourself.

1.7. Staying on Topic: Whilst we realise that conversations will always have a tendency to veer off slightly to the intended topic, please try and stay on topic as much as possible. This is especially important in the topic specific sub fora.
Please do not use existing threads to post new questions as this makes it less likely that they will be seen by the people who could potentially answer the question.
Any comment made off topic may be deleted by the moderation team without warning.

1.8. Advertising: As this is a forum free of advertising and membership fees, we do not allow blatant advertising by the trade. If you are an active member of the community then it is permissible to have a single line in your signature strip with contact details / URL of your company (And as long as the rules from section 12 have been followed).
Sales from individuals are permitted in the 'For Sale' section, but any indication that it is being used for non-personal use or connection with trade sales will be closely monitored and liable to editing / deletion by the moderating team without warning. It is unacceptable for an individual to use this forum as a shop front for selling parts that are not their own personal spare parts. (See section 12)

1.9. Signatures: To ensure page upload speeds are not delayed over elaborate signatures, the following guidelines should be followed:

Maximum width for images: 600 pixels
Maximum height for signature: 6 lines of normal sized text or the equivalent of.

For the purposes of consistency, 1 line of standard text to be considered equal to a 25 pixels high.
Therefore, any combination that totals up to 6 lines (150 pixels) in height and 600 pixels wide would be considered acceptable.

Any signatures that are not in accordance with the above in the opinion of the moderators or cause the load times of pages to be significantly slowed (Large animated gif files for example) are likely to be either deleted or modified by the moderating team without warning.

Be aware that continued failure to adhere to any of the posting policies could result in deletions of posts, suspension of posting privileges, and/or complete banning.

To summarize, have fun, but be decent to each other. Just treat others as you would want to be treated. Netiquette asks that people use simple courtesy, and stop to consider that there may be language difficulties and cultural barriers that require patience, tolerance, and understanding.

2. Netiquette

Definitions: (thanks to

internet: n. An interconnected system of networks that connects computers around the world via the TCP/IP protocol.

etiquette: n. The practices and forms prescribed by social convention or by authority; rules governing socially acceptable behaviour

Internet + Etiquette = Netiquette

2.1. Netiquette in a Nutshell:

Lurk Before You Leap
Think Before You Post
Do Not Flame
Do Not Post in All Upper Case
Do Not Spam
Do Not Double Post
Please Check Your Post for Errors before Posting
Check the Rules and search before Posting a Question
Report Rules Violations

3. Lurk Before You Leap

Many have given testimony to this little internet adage. Lurking around on a forum, such as ours here, is a good idea to orient and familiarize yourself with the forum and its customs.

4. Think Before you Post
Wikipedia wrote:
If what you intend to post will not make a positive contribution to the newsgroup and be of interest to several readers, do not post it!
ProjectPuma has always emphasized quality over quantity as well as propriety (being polite, proper) over rudeness. It is possible to be negative in a post and still make a positive contribution to the forum. Negative opinions and constructive criticism are welcome.

5. Do Not Flame

Thou shalt not flame they fellow member.

6. Do Not Post in All Upper Case

We have pretty much made it difficult for people to do this, but it is still possible. The reason for not posting in all upper case resides as part of the Netiquette Core Values. Posting in upper case often denotes shouting and is generally not polite, especially in a heated discussion.

Other kinds of font attributes such as bold and italics are acceptable uses of emphasis without appearing overly rude or condescending. Changing fonts to bright colours is generally found annoying, especially bright bold red font in debates and discussions. This is not to say that a regular use of a different font or font colour is not allowed - it's generally understood to be seen as your posting M.O.

7. Do Not Spam

Spamming: The posting of ads for the solicitation of sales is not appropriate along with spamming the forums with posts of self-promotion. Please don't spam the different folders with repetitive threads on the same subject.

8. Do Not Double Post

We try to discourage double posting because we like to run a nice, neat and clean board. Double posting often clutters up a thread and can cause the discussions to become chaotic and hard to read. If you are replying to several different people, open the reply box in a separate window and copy/paste the users you wish to reply to.

9. Please Check Your Post for Errors before Posting

We understand not everyone is a very good typist or that English may not be everyone's first language. However, overuse of internet slang makes it difficult for most English speaking members who type in full sentences to understand what is being said.
Wikipedia wrote:
Re-read and edit your posting carefully before you post. Check the spelling, grammar, and capitalization.

It is perfectly fine if you are not good at spelling and grammar, but a good attempt to type coherently, using paragraphs and full stops at the ends of sentences, is MUCH appreciated. It makes it easier for others to understand your opinion.
10. Check the Rules and search before Posting a Question

The forums were created for all of you to ask questions that the staff or other more experienced members can answer for you. However, before posting a question, it is wise to use the Search Function on the right below the calendar to discover questions that have already been posted and answered.

11. Report Rules Violations

The moderating team are here to help. If you find there are members that are breaking the rules, please report it via a PM or using the "Report this post" button at the bottom of every post, and let the forum staff take care of the problem. For newbies, a friendly reminder or link to the Rules Forum or a simple explanation is considered a Good Samaritan Gesture. If anyone in a thread points out politely that you may be violating a rule, do not reply in turn with attitude.

12. Traders & Selling

You can become a ProjectPuma trader by contributing to the forum annually, this can be done any time via the PayPal (to or contacting any member of the moderating team for other means of paying. This will entitle you to:-

Advertise your products / services.
Identifiable user group
Trading approved logo
Dedicated forum section to post in and interact with users
Advertisement permitted within signature field.*
Shop link permitted within profile website field.

*Subject to the forums signature size restrictions.

Full details here

Individuals are welcome to advertise their own personal new or second hand items within the for sale section at no cost. The adverts should represent items which you actually own.

Any individual sellers that are found to be traders will be subject to moderation.

Both Traders & Individuals should refer to the guidelines in the 'For Sale' threads, found here

Anything bought or sold is not the responsibility of" onclick=";return false; unless otherwise stated.

If you need any clarification or explanation of any of the points above, then please contact a site Administrator or Moderator who will be happy to help.
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