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Signature size / limits

Post by Dal » Fri Aug 13, 2010 7:39 pm

Please take a moment to read the following and modify your signature if you need to over the rest of August. Come September the moderating team will take action should it be deemed necessary as outlined below. Thanks.
1.9. Signatures: To ensure page upload speeds are not delayed over elaborate signatures, the following guidelines should be followed:

Maximum width for images: 600 pixels
Maximum height for signature: 6 lines of normal sized text or the equivalent of.

For the purposes of consistency, 1 line of standard text to be considered equal to a 25 pixels high.
Therefore, any combination that totals up to 6 lines (150 pixels) in height and 600 pixels wide would be considered acceptable.

Any signatures that are not in accordance with the above in the opinion of the moderators are likely to be either deleted or modified by the moderating team without warning.
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