Problema after swap


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Problema after swap

Postby Crepi » Sat Nov 19, 2016 10:17 pm

So I'm having a little problem after the swap on my Fiesta... I've done full swap, including loom...
I have the exhaust with alot of carbon deposit... And the car is drinking fuel like mad... I think that my ECU has been remapped... Badly! It's putting more fuel that it should...
And also when the car is cold... From the first miles, it has a jiggery and somehow hesitating acceleration... I thought it was the fuel pump... Replaced it, and still is the same!
Have a 4bar fuel pressure valve... I've taken the vacuum from it and even so, the behaviour is the same...
Still think it's related to the ECU...
Any ideas?

Also, my remote control doesn't work... I've changed the fob already because it wasn't working! The car enters in programming mode but when I click any button on the fob he doesn't recognize... so, any idea or help would be appreciated :)
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