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Melina Blue Lux needs saving

Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2018 11:26 am
by uxter
1999 Puma 1.4 Lux in Melina Blue
An honest appeal to the Puma community to save this car from the scrapper. The forum rules ask for a price so lets say around £250?

I am hoping somebody takes this on, in a few years time this will be the sort of car that people hope to find in a barn and someone will kick themselves and not taking this on. I don’t have the finances, time, or space to keep her, restore her and reap the rewards in the future, traceable history, original and an increasingly rare variant. I am open to offers as I accept there’s work to do and my preference is that it goes to an enthusiast who isn’t going to strip and scrap, but that may be the option I have to take, at the moment you can drive her away, the MOT is valid until midnight June 15th, after that date things change. She wont pass her next test without work detailed below, so this is a project, but surely enough going for her to be saved? I have had enough help from these pages to know there has to be someone who is going to save her, like I said, in 10 years time, your going to look very very wise!

first the good bits

It’s an Essex car with an OO reg, I have the original sales invoice, we bought it off the original owner, it’s been on loan to our niece for the last couple of years

Its MOT’d until June 15th and is on a set of 9 spokes with drive away tyres, we have the original props that are tyreless, even has the original steel spare and tyre.
Apart from a couple of missing bits of trim and the engine everything is original, factory fit mudflaps, Air con works and is cold, original CD radio.
The engine was changed when we bought her off the original owner in Feb 2010 at 122K for a 67k engine and box and its now on 152K rebuilt starter motor and alternator at same time, it has an oil leak but suspect it’s an oil pressure sensor?
It’s got an uprated clutch, front springs and a strutbrace fitted, cross drilled and grooved front discs with Mintex pads, rear poly bushes.
Bodywork is all original apart from a sill repair.
Bad bits

Arches…of course!
Dent on one front arch from a jack handle
Both rear inner sills are rotting, to do properly really is an axle out job.

Front discs corroded on the inner sides (they will clean up, my niece drives like a granny, I swear she doesn’t even use the brakes!
Exhaust corroded around the cat
Spare wheel carrier rusted up
Rear hatch only works on the key when the rest of the car is open, missing plastic knobs for parcel shelf strings
Brake pipes were a previous advisory.
Will need a new set of tyres soon.
Headlights have been buffed, but could do with being done again more patiently, they work, have high brilliance bulbs in.
Drivers side window regulator has been replaced, but stopped working, we suspect electrical this time, passenger door mirror has been held on with gaffa since 2010!
Rubber lip from front spoiler has disappeared, and the lower grill has taken a battering before we got her, I have a fresh spare. The whole could do with a good polish, but I would do the arches first!

I think that’s about it, if I get a decent offer it will come with all the spares I have, which is a spare gearbox, alternator, front lower grill and 8 spare alloys, the original props and two sets of 9 spokes.

Don’t ask for parts please, it either goes as it is or it goes for scrap and possibly I may keep the reg and transfer it, I don’t have the time or support at home to have a slow death happening on the drive.

I am located in the North East in Darlington and am available most days, I am appealing for the Puma community to save this car.
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Melina Blue Lux needs saving

Posted: Sat Jun 09, 2018 3:59 pm
by uxter
Now sold via one of the rally pages on facebook, it looks like club motorsport will save most of the Pumas from extinction, fingers crossed