Modified and remapped Green puma 66800K

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Modified and remapped Green puma 66800K

Post by pumaking873 » Fri Oct 20, 2017 7:45 am

It has come time to let my Puma go due to buying a house and being aware that I won't be able to properly look after it, please excuse the text below if it seems like it's trying to teach you knowledgeable lot to suck eggs but I just copy and pasted it from my gumtree advert:

I bought this car in June with the intention of turning it into a track project. However, I've just bought a house so won't have time to give it the attention it deserves and simply can't let it deteriorate in a garage when it deserves to be driven and enjoyed. The car surprises anyone who comes in contact with it and the tuneful exhaust can turn heads in a heartbeat if the driver so wants to create a POP at around 2000rpm. Top Gear named it as their Car of the Year for its " incredible feeling and driving sensation", something I can wholeheartedly agree with! I could wax lyrical about how much I've enjoyed this car but may well lose your interest so I will just knock out the facts you want to know.

8 Months MOT and no advisories on the last one

Lots of service history as pictured although the last one was on the 16th of May 2016, so could do with one obviously

Lots of receipts for previous work, filter, aircon etc.

It had a new clutch and new front discs fitted just before I bought it, I don't think I have the paperwork for this but you can feel the clutch is new and see the discs are.

The cambelt and fanbelt were both renewed at 42339 miles

Everything works great on this car

Heated windscreen and rear windscreen

electric mirrors and windows

Air con gets freezing super quick so was a treat when we had that one hot week this Summer!

When I bought this car I part exchanged it for my wife's 999cc Hyundai Amica as she no longer needed it, on changing the insurance over I found it was in the same group! I'm fairly sure this means that a seventeen-year-old who has just passed their test could get insured on this!

The car literally sips fuel, even if you enjoy hooning it a bit.

So I think the standard for these cars with the awesome 1.7 Zetec engine is around 125bhp, however, I've added:

A Hoffman straight through exhaust and racing back box which I have receipts for

A K&N sheet filter (I went against an induction kit but there is a mod on projectpuma. com that gets better results anyway apparently)

I've also had the car remapped which I have the receipt for having said that you will feel it on the test drive.

I reckon this car must be around the 160bhp mark at least and with its light weight that makes it a real beast.

Like I said, this car sounds the bollocks and would literally suit anyone.

This car is obviously 17 years old so expect a few little marks etc but T cut and a good polish will irradicate all but one scrape that the car had when I bought it. You can see this on the left side of the car in the photos. It is easily fixable though if you know what you are doing and it won't cost a lot if you get it done professionally.

Also, one tyre may be near its limit but again, a tyre for this car is cheap.

Parts are easy to get for this car as it shares a lot with the fiesta.

I would recommend reading up on these cars as you will find nothing but positive things from Clarkson to Damon Hill, that's basically what I did before I bought it.

I think that I've covered most things here but by all means, call or text with any questions or to request pictures or videos.

I would ideally like £895 but I'm very open to offers.


I'm truly terrible with computers and can't figure out how to make my photo files small enough to post so I will have to wait for my wife to help me when we are done work!

Here is the Gumtree link though : ... 1270293500
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