Questy's 02 1.7 Pumba Thunder Moondust

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Questy's 02 1.7 Pumba Thunder Moondust

Post by quest63 » Sat Oct 26, 2019 8:43 pm

I'm selling my 02 Puma Thunder it is minus its trim its £800. She's done 66k+ Why buy this one?

Iv'e had the car around 7 years and was carrying out I guess you could call a rolling restoration on it. 4 years ago while I was very busy with work the fuel pump failed and she has been garaged and hasn't been run since. A short charge of her old battery and she turned over straight away.

I had he following works were done I probably only did 3k milegae in her total.

1) Full Ford Cam belt kit & tensioner, water pump, auxilliary belt.
2) Full Ford clutch kit
3) New Ford mud flap kit
4) New Eibach 30mm lowered springs on new KYB shocks with new Topmounts
5) New Ford front suspension arms
6) Longlife stainless steel exhaust, normal volume slightly larger oval tailpipe
7) Brand new petrol tank, (used ford pump) multiple coats of red oxide and smooth red hammerite (never seen petrol)
8) new brake lines and hoses all round (one left to be fitted) never refilled with fluid
9) Used replacement spare wheel carrier (best condition one I have ever seen)
10) Refurbed spare wheel
11) Both door weather strips replaced iirc
12) Rear end including up behind petrol tank de- rusted with multiple coats of red oxide and hammerite
13) Rear axle re-bushed de-rusted and hammerited
14) Aero wipers
15) ST 150 front discs and calipers
16) New rear slave cylinders
17) New rear heatshield and other shields repaired

I probably forgot a bunch of stuff.

She currently appears to have a seized drivers side drive shaft or possibly wheel bearing.

It was a hard decision to start breaking her go but I have no time or need for any other car with the possible exception of a second / spare estate car for work.

She is a great project and I know for an absolute fact she would break for way above twice the asking price if you chose that route. Or Cherry pick the best bits and still recover her lay out cost and get your cherry bits for nothing.

0 x

Project Delta Kilo (aka Pumber Thunder)

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